Jibjab, Girard

But do you know that a hot dog came to us from Europe?

Hot Dog Roots

The sausage is claimed to appear in Germany or Austria, both these countries say they invented the frankfurter. Vienna and Frankfurt fight for the right to have the sausages first, and the frankfurters are a significant part of their cuisine.

In the nineteenth century, the immigrants from Germany coming to the US brought a lot of their eating traditions to the New World. In the 60s of the 19th century, the first hot dogs were sold in New York. On Coney Island a German, Charles Feltman, established a first vendor where he sold a sausage wrapped in a bun, the place thrived being extremely popular. So, after that a tradition to eat hot dogs spread across the US areas, people started eating it on holidays, various celebrations. In 1939 the English king and queen came to the US for discussing fighting against Nazis, the president and the first lade arranged a picnic where they decided to include hot dogs as a national dish, so the royal family tried hot dogs for the first time. That was a big deal, and this episode is even shown in some movies.

Jibjab, Girard

This location with hot dogs and sandwiches has got a lot of popularity, it will be just for you if you are into some fast food typical for the USA and you don’t worry about its harm too much. The rating of the hot dog spot on ‘Tripadvisor’ makes up 4.5, the reviews are very positive, everyone says that the place is amazing, as you might have so tasty hot dogs with chili, scrambled eggs, cheese and another topping for a really small price.

Jibjab also serves decent breakfasts, there is a special breakfast menu for you to choose what you like. The café doesn’t have delivery and reservation services, but there are food-to-go options, and the café accepts credit cards. They have a parking space, which is convenient for drivers, yet, there are no outdoor sitting places. The cafe doesn’t serve any alcoholic beverages.

Hot Dog Shoppe, Warren, Ohio

Here you are able to try some tasty chili cheese hot dogs with amazing sauces, French fries and some milkshakes, that is a wonderful spot for having a fun time with your friends or family, stop by while you are driving and feeling hungry, etc. There is some more info about this location if you are thinking to visit it:


Hot Dog Shoppe, Menu

Their menu isn’t that large as the one of nay restaurant, but it is enough you any person to feel full and satisfied. The locations have some hot dog varieties, burgers, cheeseburgers, bowls of chili, a super dog, various shake kinds, several ice teas, a few kinds of fries, etc. Coffee, hot chocolate, cola, and lemonade are also available for you in these spots.

Hot Dogs, Youngstown, Ohio

If you are confused about what spot with hot dogs to visit when staying or passing Youngstown in the state of Ohio, there is a list of the best hot dog places in this area for your study and select:


Hot Dogs, Niles, Ohio

When passing Niles, the state of Ohio, take your time and grab some hot dogs or sandwiches, which are tasty and fair-priced. There is a link for you with the info about the best spots to have some hot dogs for a snack:


With this info, we hope you will not be disappointed and hungry, and you will definitely find a cozy and friendly spot to have a bite!