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My name is Fiona and I am happy to welcome you all to my blog dedicated to makeup, care and decorative cosmetics, manicures, accessories and gadgets and everything about external transformation/beauty.

Fiona J Reynolds
Fiona J Reynolds


I buy most cosmetics with my own money. But sometimes Pr-managers send samples in return for my personal opinion of them. I always try to be as objective and honest as possible, above all to myself. And yet, I am not a robot, so my opinion will be subjective for you anyway. But I will never write untruth or half-truth, because we all always know when we’re lying or trying to embellish something or keep quiet about something. My conscience won’t let that happen. Therefore, I do not think it is necessary to write the sent/gifted/bought medium, as my opinion does not depend on this fact. If someday affiliate links ever appear on my blog, I will let you know about it.

Disclaimer of liability

We’re all different. We have different skin, hair, nails, age, needs, opportunities, preferences, expectations. So if I liked this or that product, it absolutely does not exclude the possibility that you think it is terrible. Try to study several sources of information before you buy, rather than relying on a single opinion.


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About me.

So you can better understand what I like, what my preferences are based on, I will tell you about my skin, hair and nails.
Face skin tends to be normal, although oily skin type problems still haunt me. Expanded pores, black dots, uneven terrain – I know all about it firsthand. I will not get tired of repeating that the most effective cosmetics that saved me from most of these problems was the Noreva Exfoliac pharmacy line.

And since then I have been most interested in cosmetics with active ingredients: acids, niacinamide, squalane, vitamin C, etc.
Hair – never dyed, long, curly. The structure is porous, prone to cross section. I like silicone dense balms and smoothing, nourishing masks.
Fingernails aren’t of much interest to me. Most often I cover them with a transparent strengthening varnish in an attempt to grow the minimum length and get rid of foliation. So far, these attempts have failed.

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