Booking Beauty Bar
  • We are often booked out 3 months in advance. Agents routing take first holds.
  • Be aware that Beauty Bar Las Vegas is booked 7 days a week, 365 days a year with dual programming with stages inside the main bar and our larger stage out back. These are often two separately ticketed events and should be treated as such.
  • Outside promoters: we use TicketBat as our house ticketing agency. Please prepare to use it and not bitch.
  • Beauty Bar Las Vegas does not provide backline. If you need backline, please do not wait until DOS to reach out or rely on borrowing gear from a band or DJ on the line-up. We have sources if you have needs but prepare to see an appropriate expense in the offer sheet.
  • Have a meaningful story & sound (provide details of your history in the Vegas scene including numbers & anything interesting we should know).
  • Include contact information, show history and projected draw in Vegas. We require a minimum of 30 heads for opening slot weekdays, minimum of 50 heads for weekends.
  • Bands must send links to appropriate Social Media profiles eg. Facebook, Soundcloud, YouTube + Bandcamp. No links. No show.
  • Radius is real and Vegas is small. Please do not book if you have any shows booked within 30 miles, 2 weeks prior/post your requested date.
  • Provide personal & unique marketing/promotion for your event - Get creative!

Are you so rad that none of the above shit matters?
Then throw caution to the wind, email and Hit send. Fuck it.