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5 Questions with Los Angeles 3 Piece – Lone Kodiak
Saturday, October 6th, 2018

Known for their “introspective and anthemic” sound, in this round of 5 questions Lone Kodiak discusses what fuels the band’s fire creatively, divulges the vintage amplifier responsible for the sound we hear on tracks like Calm Down “living room edition”, describes the magazine that inspired their strong yet syllabically simple name and easier topics like the state of the music industry as we know it today.

The Los Angeles based three piece performs at Beauty Bar on 10/6/2018 in support of their new album “MNTMSD”.

Q: How did you guys come up with the band name Lone Kodiak?
A: Through about 400 exchanged emails and in which only 2/3 of the band members like every idea. After just about giving up on it being perfect, Parker went on a walk and was thinking about a Nat Geo article he read earlier about bears (Kodiak varieties). It had said something about the last Kodiak, but that wasn’t quite right. What could we replace Last with? Lone Kodiak. Short, simple, sweet and phoenetically a lot more pleasing to the ears. And there it was. It has an idea of something both huge and intimate – a theme we strive for sonically in our music.

Q: What Vox amp is that in the Calm Down “living room edition” video?
A: It’s Vox ac100. It’s rare, they don’t make it anymore. It was very popular in 60/70s – the Beatles used it, Lynyrd skynrd used it. And of course it decided to break down on the first day of tour, so you won’t hear it this time!
Q: How’s this tour going so far?
A: Well, better now that we are finally out of traffic in LA
Q: Dive Bars or Larger stages? Which do you prefer?
A: Hard to say. Do we love running around on huge stages,? Yes. But one of the most fun shows we ever played was a dive bar that we almost didn’t play last minute. People literally through money at us during and after our set and 1 guy handed the lead singer a $50 bill.
Q: Ok all the marbles here……. Your thoughts on the current state of live music as a touring band?
A: Tough question to answer. Of course the music business is always changing so much. In regards to that, we aren’t really ones to hate on the changes. We always figured you can change with it or sit around and be upset about it. But as far as touring goes, I don’t know that it’s changed too much. Bands still tour heavily and concert goers are still buying tickets. Live music is a rush, it’s a passion, an event that people love and appreciate. But since nobody is buying CDs or band shirts as much anymore it’s tougher to ride on the merch income on the road. Also the benefit of technologies and electronics both changed our set up on and off the stage. For some acts, backing tracks, etc can we a way to sort of cheat and just press a button. For us it’s really opened up a new world of how much more we can bring to the stage as a 3 piece. Playing with a computer as a 4th member has made us play tighter, fuller and ads a lot to the live set.
Catch Lone Kodiak with Swerve at Beauty Bar on 10/6, Doors at 8pm – No cover – 21+
Questions provided by Jesse Amoroso
Intro by Roxie Amoroso
517 Fremont St, Las Vegas NV 89101
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